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COVID Trends – Why is Online Presence Crucial for Your Business?

Good marketers have an eye for trends and circumstances that will shape their audience’s future – from a rising social media platform that will conquer the world to forced lockdowns – they will know it. Let’s face it, this year was (and – don’t jinx it – but still is) a serious challenge for mankind…

Professional Evolution – From Marketing Origins to the Idea of a T-Shaped Marketer

Oh, marketing. We could go to lengths discussing its true definition and compare various theories. God’s honest truth is – almost everything is marketing. I know, I know, sounds fishy and vague but further in this article, you will realize exactly what I am talking about and why today’s marketer has to be a know-it-all…

In-House vs Outsource Marketing – How to Get the Best Results?

Businesses are always trying to get the best results for the least money spent, and marketing is no different. Although marketing is the key tool that can help a business gain more leads and customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and boost profits significantly, companies don’t always have the time to dedicate it enough focus…

Working From Home vs. From an Office – Effects on Productivity

The turbulent year of 2020 has brought a lot of changes all around the world. All it took was one global pandemic and poof – the world has stopped and we are still witnessing the snowball effect. All of a sudden there were so many changes and unfortunately when it comes to adaptation – you can’t just flip a switch…