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Setting the Foundations for Effective Marketing

Taking a holistic view of your company, product, and industry is what allows us to create the optimal strategy to bring your business into the spotlight.

Discovery: Understanding your product, market, and customer

To build an effective marketing strategy that will elevate your brand and acquire customers, we need to fully understand your product or service, customers, markets, competitors, and your business model.

This is why, in this first step of our engagement, we will not be approaching you with answers based on assumptions, but with questions in the form of a structured 1-day discovery workshop.

Whether it’s held in a physical location or, more likely, over a video conference call, together we will run through the Lean Canvas Framework and take a snapshot of your status quo and roadmap.

The Discovery Stage will identify, retrospect, and articulate the following components of your business, in order to set the grounds for meaningful marketing research and strategy development.

  • 01.Problems & Existing Alternatives: The problems you are solving for your customers and the alternative solutions you are competing against.
  • 02.Customer Segments & Ideal Customer: The customer segments you are currently serving or targeting, and the ideal customer persona built from the most valuable cross-section of customers across your segments..
  • 03.Unique Value Proposition: A simple, clear, and compelling message that communicates a future state and promised land your customers desire, but are unable to attain without your help.
  • 04.Solutions: How your product or services resolves each problem, opening the way to the promised land.
  • 05.Channels: The pathways to your customers
  • 06.Revenue Streams: The sources of revenue
  • 07.Cost Structure: Fixed and variable costs, with a detailed breakdown for marketing & communications
  • 08.Key Metrics: The metrics that will validate whether you are using the rights channels, targeting the right customer segments with the right messaging and tactics, and whether your product or service is still solving problems for your customers.
  • 09.Unfair Advantage: The leverage you have over your competitors in a given market or customer segment.

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Research: Conducting thorough market, competitor,
audience research, and interpretation of your data

A successful business will base their decisions in product development and marketing on assumptions grounded in thorough research, and validate them by setting up a framework of KPIs that measure this success.

In the Research Stage, our team will leave no stone unturned until we have drawn out every line and color of your business landscape and set the scene for its centerpiece – your marketing and communications strategy.

Refining your unique value proposition and messaging

It’s not just about what you communicate to the world, what truly matters is how you communicate it.

We will take a deep dive into your product or service, check if it is communicated clearly and consistently through all channels, and find what are its main strengths and weaknesses.

We will work together with you to reshape your narrative, and deliver new messaging and a more compelling value proposition that will call out to your target audience.

Building your target customer personas & corporate profiles

The final step in this process is building profiles for your ideal customers – both B2C and B2B. Thanks to previously conducted research, we will drill into your market and build personas that reflect your target audience precisely, its background and experience, and explains their wants and needs, so all marketing activities can be navigated towards solving their problem with your solution.

This will make crafting campaigns, optimizing content, and advertising special offers more cost-effective, and, more importantly, more efficient.

Once we answer all the crucial questions, conduct an in-depth review of your product, market, and competitors, and gather actionable data, we will create a compelling strategy, in line with best practices, focused on delivering results that are aligned with your goals.

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